How to Choose a Good Lawyer

Don’t Be Deceived by Advertisements

P People need lawyers whenever they are faced with legal issues. In the state of New York, there are more than 150,000 lawyers. There are more than 300 Korean American lawyers in the New York/New Jersey area. Usually, people choose familiar lawyers who are exposed through media or advertisements. However, these advertisements do not show who they really are.  It doesn’t really matter how kind or friendly they are or if they are making any contributions to the community. It is their experiences that make a difference. The lawyers with more knowledge and experiences tend to bring more favorable outcomes.

Find the One with Lots of Experience

N Not every lawyer knows the law well enough to win. The license itself does not guarantee that. There is a clear gap between a novice lawyer and a seasoned lawyer. They will take different approaches. It is like any other job. The more experience you have, the better you become at what you do because you have gained more wisdom.  Then, how can you find a lawyer who has lots of experience, wisdom, and knowledge?

Go through the Court Records

T The name of the attorney is stated in the complaint. You can verify the experiences of an attorney through complaints that are kept at the county courts. You could do the search online or offline. You can search for the name of the lawyer, law office, or firm. The experienced lawyers are not necessarily much more expensive than the ones without experience. Within the same region, the prices are usually similar, so if you are spending the same amount of money, you would want to hire a lawyer with better skills and more experiences.

Get a Second Opinion

F Find out how many cases the lawyer has worked on so far and what the outcomes of those cases were. Also, make sure to get a second opinion about your case from another lawyer. Keep in mind that advertisements can be quite misleading. Therefore, verify the skills and experiences of each lawyer when hiring.

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